Spring 2017 Planting

The first 10 acres, of a total 30 acres of pearl millet for 2017, were drilled with pearl millet last week.

The other 20 acres to drill with pearl millet is currently being combined of the winter rye crop.

Once the winter rye harvest is complete, we shall drill the Southern Pearl millet seed to complete the total of 30 acres for our production this year.

We still have over 200 bags remaining of our 2016 harvest. Please contact Bryan Maw at 229-382-6832 if you are interested in purchasing our unique ‘Southern Pearl’ millet for seed as a cover crop or summer grazing, or for grinding for a fine, gluten-free flour.


For Sale: ‘Southern Pearl’ millet seed

April, 2017: Rillington Fields is pleased to provide ‘Southern Pearl’ millet seed for sale.

Initial seed stock is 200- 50# bags of pearl millet, at $35 per bag.

‘Southern Pearl’ is a rapidly developing open-pollinated variety that is great for summer grazing, cover crop mixes or green manures, and for grain production.

Please contact Rillington Fields for seed inquiries.